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The 10 best wineries to visit in Spain

10 Excellent Wine Cellars to Visit from Barcelona, Madrid & Bilbao

Kasper Christiansen
Text by Kasper Christiansen
13. December 2020 (revised version)

The wine production in Spain has changed radically over the last decades. Just 25-30 years ago, most Spanish wineries focused more on getting as much out of their grapes without looking too much on the quality of the product. Wine was sold by the kilo/litre in the past.

Today, many wineries have made changes to their production to make high quality wine. but one of the best is found north of Madrid. In Ribera del Duero the oenologist of Danish origins, Peter Sisseck, produces some of the best wines in Spain. The top wine Pingus sells for around 1.000 € per bottle.

Spain is well known for their powerful red wines - several Spanish wine regions focus almost exclusively on red wine production - but it is also possible to find excellent white wines in Spanish wine regions like Rueda - where mostly the verdejo grape is used - Rias Baixas where the albariño grape is used, and Penedès where grapes like xarel·lo, macabeu, parellada, chardonnay and riesling are used.

Spain makes sparkling wine under the name of cava. Unfortunately, in many cases, the production of sparkling wine still focusses on low prices and little quality. However, bodegas like Gramona, Llopart and Recaredo all produce excellent sparkling wine. Below you will find 10 wineries that are easy to visit from cities like Barcelona, Madrid and Bilbao.

‘‘Priorat, Ribera del Duero and Rioja are among the best wine regions in Europe’’
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Ferrer Bobet Winery in Spain, close to Barcelona

10 most interesting wineries to visit

1. Ferrer Bobet in Priorat

Elegant red wines, full of fruit and with a mineral finish. The winery has a spectacular location in the mountains south of Barcelona

Ferrer Bobet is one of our favourite wineries to visit in Spain. The combination of spectacular architecture, a beautiful location in the mountains and the production of some of Spain's best wines, make the visit to Ferrer Bobet in Priorat unique.

Sergi Ferrer-Salat and Raül Bobet are the two partners behind Ferrer Bobet that launched the first wines in 2008. They both share a passion for wine and found 70 hectares in one of Priorat's most dramatic locations in the mountains between the villages Falset and Porrera. This area has cooler temperatures than most others in Priorat and give perfect conditions for the production of high-quality wine.

The winery visit to Ferrer Bobet
During the visit, you will see the vineyards planted on slopes, the cellar and a beautiful view from the tasting room: the tasting room has panoramic views over the valley and you will now enjoy Ferrer Bobet's two excellent organic wines: Ferrer Bobet (Cabernet Sauvignon, Garnacha Tinta, Syrah and Cariñena) and Ferrer Bobet vinyes velles (Garnacha Tinta and Cariñena).

Which cities can Ferrer Bobet be visited from?
The Ferrer Bobet Winery is around 1 hour and 45 minutes' drive from Barcelona, 45 minutes' drive from Tarragona, Salou and Cambrils.
Bodegas Roda, Northern Spain

2. Bodegas Roda (Rioja)

Some of the best reds. Robert Parker has given the winery 100 points

Roda is a top winery in northern Spain in the wine region Rioja. The winery was founded by Mario Rotllant and Carmen Daurella in 1987 (the name Roda comes from their surnames). Bodegas Roda is in the very center of the wine region, La Rioja, in the neighbourhood Barrio de la Estación in the town Haro.

One of the important values of the winery is sustainability. The philosophy if the winery is to work with old vineyards, low productions and a selection of the best grapes. Each plot is vinified individually in French oak barrels.

The winery visit to Roda
During the visit to Roda, you will taste some of the winery's best wines. The winery produces four wines: Roda, Roda I, Sela and Cirsion. Tempranillo is the base in all four wines, both Roda also uses graciano and Sela is a blend of tempranillo with graciano and garnacha. The wines have received numerous prizes and awards since the founding of the winery. Most years the top wine Cirsion receives 95-98 Parker Points.

Which cities can Roda be visited from?
We recommend visiting the winery from Bilbao: 1 hours' drive, Logroño: 40 minutes' drive, San Sebastian: 1 hour and 40 minutes’ drive, Valladolid: 2 hours and 40 minutes' drive.
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Artadi Winery

3. Artadi (Rioja)

Potent and full body Rioja red Wines from northern Spain

Artadi is a relatively young winery, founded in 1985. a group of winemakers decided to join forces and make the cooperative Cooperativa de Cosecheros Alaveses. During the 1990's, the winery became more and more known, and the director Juan Carlos López de Lacalle started controlling the company.

Since then, the winery has kept on growing and has expanded in two other wine region: Bodegas y Viñedos Artazu (Navarra) and Bodegas y Viñedos El Sequé (Alicante). In 2014 the winery won the Peñín price of the best winery of the year.

The Winery visit to Artadi
The winery produces a wide variety of wines, most of them produced out of 100 % tempranillo. After the winery visit, you will taste two wines: Artadi Viñas de Gain made from tempranillo grapes from more than 25 years old vines that spend 12 months in oak tree barricas. And Artadi Pagos Viejos – that comes from the oldest vines (40-60 years old).

Which cities can Artadi be visited from?
We recommend visiting the winery from Bilbao: 1 hours' drive, Logroño: 40 minutes' drive, San Sebastian: 1 hour and 40 minutes' drive, Valladolid: 2 hours and 40 minutes' drive.
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4. Gramona (Penedès)

Savour tasty bubbles in Penedès - just 40 minutes' drive from Barcelona

Gramona is one of the very best wineries in Spain focusing on sparkling wine. It is a family owned winery in the town of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, close to Barcelona. The winery was founded in 1881 - today the fifth generation of the family is leading the company. Gramona is famous for their sparkling wines aged for up to 12 years.

Gramona is part of Corpinnat, a group of quality producers in the Penedès wine region (together with Llopart, Recaredo, Torelló and Nadal among others). The group was created to distinguish themselves from large, industrial wineries in the area, that are not ecological, that collect the grapes by machine with none or little selection of grapes. All wineries in the group use 100% hand-picked ecological grapes that are vinified at the winery itself.

The Winery Visit to Gramona
You can choose between visiting the old cellar and the modern cellar. Both are excellent visits. After the cellar visit, you will taste 3-4 sparkling wines. It is also possible to combine the winery visit with a light meal or a full lunch.

Which cities can you visit Gramona from?
Gramona is located around 45 minutes' drive from Barcelona, around 50 minutes' drive from Tarragona, and just 30 minutes' drive from Sitges.
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Bodegas Hermanos Pérez Pascuas

5. Bodegas Hermanos Pérez Pascuas (Ribera del Duero)

Red wine of the highest quality in Ribera del Duero produced by a family-owned business

Hermanos Pérez Pascuas was founded by three brothers, Benjamín, Manuel y Adolfo Pascuas, in the Ribera del Duero region. In 1982 the three brother participated in the creation of the board of D.O. Ribera del Duero.

The winery is also known as Viña Pedrosa, a name that comes from the location in Pedrosa de Duero (in the region of Burgos, Spain). The winery has 145 hectares, most of them with Tinto Fino (tempranillo), and an annual production of around 550,000 bottles.

In the American wine magazine 'Wine&Spirits’ it was awarded one of the 100 most important wineries in the world in 2013. Among their best wines are Viña Pedrosa Tinto Reserva.

The winery visit to Hermanos Pérez Pascuas
Here you will taste some of the winery's best wines. Among their most popular wines are Cepa Gavilán Crianza and Viña Pedrosa Crianza. Viña Pedrosa Reserva (90 % Tinto Fino and 10 Cabernet Sauvignon) is an excellent wine for the price, while Pérez Pascuas Gran Selección is the flagship of the winery with a production of around 5.500 bottles, but only in exceptional years.

Which cities can you visit Pérez Pascuas from?
Hermanos Pérez Pascuas is located around 23 minutes' drive from Aranda de Duero, 1 hours' drive from Valladolid and 2 hour' drive from Madrid.
Alta Alella

6. Alta Alella (Alella - close to Barcelona)

White, red & sparkling wine produced close to the sea less than 30 minutes' drive from Barcelona

The Alta Alella Winery has a beautiful location amid of the Serralada de Marina Natural Park with views of the Mediterranean Sea. The winery founded by Pujol-Busquets Guilléns produces a wide range of wines: dessert wine, red wine, white wine and cava (sparkling wine). The winery is 100 % organic, meaning no use of pesticides.

The winery visit to Alta Alella
The winery's location, just a short drive from Barcelona, makes it an ideal activity from the Metropolis. Alta Alella offer a wide selection of visits and activities. Go for a walk through the vineyards, bike to the winery from Barcelona or enjoy a lunch in a spectacular setting with views of the sea and the vineyards.

The visit includes a walk in the vineyards, a cellar visit and a tasting of 4 of the best wines of the winery. The tasting can vary, but normally includes the crisp white wine Lanius, the syrah-based red wine Parvus, the cava Mirgin Exeo and the dessert wine Dolç Mataró.

From which cities can you visit Alta Alella
Alta Alella is located around 25 minutes' drive from Barcelona.
Jimenez Landi

7. Jiménez-Landi (Méntrida)

Ecological wines from 1963

Jiménez-Landi is a high-quality producer in Real de San Vicente west of Madrid. The production area is simplistic, and the wine cellar is located in a historic building in the countryside. The winery was founded in 1963 but it was not until 2004 that Jimenez-Landi formed a partnership.

The winery has in total 20Ha of vineyards, located in altitudes of between 700 and 900 meters. The philosophy of the winery is natural wines, with only a soft impression by the wine maker. The annual production is around 100.000 bottles.

The visit to the Jiménez-Landi Winery
Jiménez-Landi produce three wines Bajondillo, Sotorrondero y Piélago and you will taste all three during a visit to the winery.

From which cities can you visit the Jiménez-Landi
We organize visits to Jiménez-Landi from Madrid, Toledo, Segovia and Ávila.
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Vinyes Domènech

8. Vinyes Domènech (Montsant)

Vinyes Domènech is one of our favourite wineries to visit from Barcelona

Vinyes Domenènech is found in the Montsant Wine Region, south of Barcelona. The winery works with environment friendly methods, respecting the planet and is also a socially responsible company. The Domènech family is from Falset in Priorat. The vineyards are located in Capçanes, with old vines.

The altitude of the vines is 450-500 meters. The unique terroir provides perfect conditions for the production of the winery's two wines.

The winery visit to Vinyes Domènech
The visit to the winery includes a walk in the vineyards, a cellar visit and a tasting of 3 wines. The winery produces more than 10 different wines, from classic Montsant red wines, to white wines and sweet dessert wines. Among our favourites are: Teixar (made out of 100 % grenache grapes of more than 70 years), Furvus (made of 90% Garnacha and 10% Merlot) Bancal del Bosc (made out of Grenache, Grenache Peluda and Carignan).

Where can you visit Domènech from?
The winery can be visited from Barcelona, but if you are in Tarragona or smaller cities like Reus, Salou or Cambrils you will be closer to the winery. From Barcelona, it takes around 2 hours to get to the winery and from Reus, Salou or Cambrils there is only around 40 minutes' drive to the winery.

9. Portia

A spectacular winery designed by Norman Foster easily accessible from Madrid

This winery may be more famous for its astounding architecture. The world-renowned architect and Pritzker winner Norman Foster designed this jarring structure that forms the wings of the building (rose petals). The building is made out of concrete, wood, steel and glass. The winery, that forms part of the winery group Grupo Faustino, was inaugurated in 2010 and won the British Riba Awards in 2011.

The winery visit to Portia
The visit includes a walk through the entire structure of the winery. After the cellar tour, you will have a tasting. Taste wines like Ebeia Roble, Portia Crianza, Portia Prima and Triennia. We recommend combining the visit in the cellar with a lunch in Portia's restaurant. The suckling pig is one of the star dishes - and it goes well with Portia's powerful wines.

Which cities can you visit Portia from from?
Portia is located around 20 minutes' drive from Aranda de Duero, 1 hour and 15 minutes' drive from Valladolid and 2 hour' drive from Madrid.
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Txomin Etxaniz

10. Txomin Etxaniz (Txakoli)

Fresh white wines - and the location of the winery is breath-taking

Txomin Etxaniz might be the winery with the best location in Spain: in the hills right in front of the Atlantic Ocean. The winery is located close to Getaria, the area famous for production of the txakoli wine, the slightly sparkling white wine with high acidity and low alcohol (9,5° - 11,5°) produced in the Basque Country and Galicia in Northern Spain.

Txomin Etxaniz has 35 hectares of vineyards, and as the winery expresses it: 'History and tradition, land and sea, txakoli and fishing live together in perfect harmony'.

The winery visit to Txomin Etxaniz
The winery visit combines a cellar visit and a walk in the vineyards with a tasting of two wines. If the weather is nice, we recommend making the tasting on the terrace.

From which cities can I visit Txomin Etxaniz?
We recommend visits to the winery from either San Sebastián or Bilbao. The distance to the winery from San Sebastián is around 35 minutes' drive and from Bilbao little more than an hour.
Viña Costeira

Other Wineries to visit: Galicia, Terra Alta, Ribeira Sacra

There are more than 2500 wineries in Spain - many offering visits

Above we have listed 10 of our favourite wineries in Spain - but they are not the only ones we offer visits to. Just in the small wine region of Priorat south of Barcelona, we offer visits to more than 15 wineries, among them: Perinet Winery, Mas Martinet, Clos Figueres, Torres and Scala Dei.

In Penedès, we can recommend visits to Mas Comtal, Codorníu, Torres, Albet i Noya, Finca de Viladellops, Jean Leon, Parés Baltà, Can Ráfols dels Caus and Celler Pardas. If you are looking for sparkling wine production close to Barcelona, we recommend Vilarnau, Solà Raventós - besides the already mentioned Gramona, Llopart and Recaredo.

From Madrid we recommend winery visits to Bernabeleva, El Regajal, Finca Loranque and bodega Marañones. And from neaby Toledo you can visit Finca Constancia, Finca Loranqueor Viñedos Cigarral.

In north western Spain (Galicia), we can recommend the beautiful winery Viña Costeira (in the photo above) and - further towards the sea - Pazo Berrantes.

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