The climate on Mallorca

Temperatures and climate on Mallorca

Mallorca is the largest of the four Balearic islands; the others being Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. Together they form the easternmost autonomous region of Spain. Palma is Mallorca’s capital and the climate of the island is sub-tropical-Mediterranean with an average temperature of 18.2º C.

Despite Mallorca being an island, its location is what makes its weather similar to the Peninsula’s: summers are warm and dry with an average temperature of 29º C, with August being the hottest month. Its winter is more humid and cooler with an average temperature of 15º C, January being the coldest month. These temperatures vary drastically in the Tramuntana mountains that are more than one thousand meters above sea level.

The sea has a regulating effect on the climate, since the sea temperature moves between 26ºC in the summer and no lower than 14º C in winter, making it perfect to enjoy the water all year round.

When it the best time to visit Mallorca?

The best time of the year to visit the island is in spring and summer to enjoy the almost 2,700 hours of yearly sunshine and good weather. Despite pleasant temperatures, the remaining months can see rain almost daily, especially from September through November, which experience almost 40% precipitation.

Weather information

Average temperature on Mallorca

Average temperatures in Palma de Mallorca over a 24 hour period

  • January: 11.9ºC
  • February: 11.9ºC
  • March: 13.4ºC
  • April: 15.5ºC
  • May: 18.8ºC
  • June: 22.7ºC
  • July: 25.7ºC
  • August: 26.2ºC
  • September: 23.5ºC
  • October: 20.2ºC
  • November: 15.8ºC
  • December: 13.1ºC
Maximum temperatures on Mallorca
Summer temperatures can reach up to 35ºC in Mallorca, except in the high mountains, specifically in August with a relative humidity of up to 70%.

The lowest temperatures on Mallorca
The lowest temperature recorded in Palma in winter can drop to 5ºC in January, and in certain areas the temperature can drop to -2ºC on some days and even considerably lower in mountain regions.
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Pollensa on the north-coast
Pollensa on the north-coast - beautiful stone house and charming villages, typical of the north-coast on Mallorca
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