Segovia Aqueduct

Excursion from Madrid to Segovia and Ávila

A fantastic excursion to two beautiful medieval cities

This trip to Segovia and Avila is particularly suitable for groups that want a full-day excursion to two historic cities and experience Spanish history and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The excursion to Segovia and Avila from Madrid starts with pick-up at your hotel in Madrid by a private transportation to the charming Segovia.

This historic city at the north of Madrid has played a major role in several periods in Spain's exciting history. In Segovia, the Romans built a giant aqueduct, that measures more than 30 meters height, used in Roman times to lead water into the center of Segovia. The aqueduct still stands in the middle of the city. It was here that Isabel la Católica (Isabella I of Castile) married Fernando II of Aragon, in 1469. The Catholic royal couple would later occupy the Alhambra in Granada, thrown the Moors at the gate and sent Columbus to America. For a short period, Segovia was even the capital of Spain.

On the guided tour, you will see, the ancient Roman aqueduct, the Jewish Quarter, the Alcázar, the cathedral, the San Esteban church and the medieval wall, among other things. The cathedral, which is also visited, is the last cathedral in Gothic style built in Spain.

The beautiful city of Avila is dramatically located on a cliff and is surrounded by huge city walls (90 fortress towers in total) that were built during the 1000s. The city is located 1150 meters above sea level and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The tour starts at Los 4 postes (the four pillars), from there are stunning views of Ávila. On the guided tour through Ávila you will see, among other things, the city walls, the home of Santa Teresa (1515–82) and the monastery where Santa Teresa lived. On a walk through the city you will also see a number of Romanesque and Gothic churches, but also specialty shops.

Photos of the Segovia and Ávila Tour from Madrid

SegoviaSegovia cathedralSegoviaAvila cathedral

Details & prices of the Segovia and Ávila Tour from Madrid

Duration of the guided tour
7-8 hours -the tour can be customized and we can include lunch in either Segovia or Ávila.

Included on the tour
  • Private transport in modern air-conditioned bus
  • English speaking guide (contact for other languages).
  • Entrance to Segovia's cathedral.
Can be included
  • Lunch: three course meal (Option: you can upgrade the lunch to a gastronomic experience at the Kings' favorite Segovian restaurant: Mesón de Candido!)
Prices for the Segovia and Avila Tour
Prices from
39,25 €
for a private Tour to Segovia and Avila from Madrid. The prices depend on the number of people in the group.

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