The City of Granada is famous for the splendid palace of Alhambra

The stunning city of Granada offers the most imposing heritage from the Al-Andalus period to the visitor: the Alhambra Palace, the Generalife Gardens and the Albaicín are all unmistakable Moorish. Alhambra is a UNESCO World Heritage destination, with the Alhambra Palace as its highlight, but the city also has impressive renaissance buildings lile Charles V's Palace, the Cathedral, the Albaicin quarter and the Royal Chapel. Besides, Granada has spectacular beaches, a fantastic climate and beautiful nature and landscapes just outside the city.

Popular Tours & Activities in Granada

Guided visit to Alhambra
A visit to some of Granadas most interesting neigborhoods: Albaizín, Alhambra and Sacramonte. The tour starts with a guided tour to the Alahambra palace and ends with a visit to the Sacramonte and Albaizín-quarters.
Prices from
45 €
per person for a private visit to Alhambra with a certified guide
Albayzín, Alhambra & Sacramonte Tour
The Alhambra Palace is one of the most extraordinay monuments in Spain. On this private guided visit to the palace you will see the monument togeth with a private guide who will show you all the details and hidden gems of the palace.
Prices from
60 €
per person for a private Albayzin, Alhambra and Sacramonte Tour
Barcelona highlights Tour
A Half Day Walking Tour in Granada that includes the most important monuments in the city. The tour can be combined with a visit to the Alhambra.
Prices from
25 €
per person for a Private Guided Walking Tour in Granada City

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